About Us


Regla Quintana


At the heart of URGlowing™ is owner Regla Quintana, FS, CME, a medical aesthetician, laser technician, laser specialist, micro-pigmentologist, and electrologist, who has been in the medical field since 2015. Regla found a love and passion for para-medical tattooing, scar camouflage, scar removal and micropigmentation and has developed a unique expertise for these services.

Regla brings her expertise to provide modern and cutting-edge techniques to med-spa services and scar camouflage.  Camoflauge is a "light-veil" application of skin-tone pigmentation that yields a natural appearance to the skin. UR Glowing services include: complete advanced skin care, skin treatments, laser hair-removal,  serum infusions, vitamin infusions, skin regeneration, skin rejuvenation, hyper-pigmentation and services for lightening dark spots, age spots and under-eye circles. Your skin will glow with a renewed freshness and vitality. Regla will choose pigment tones to match your natural skin coloring and enhance your appearance.