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Frequently Asked Questions

All of these are for the specific areas being treated: Pacemaker, Accutane, Retin-A, recent sun exposure, hair removal creams, recent injectables, recent facial, recent chemical peel, etc
You will need at least 6 to 8 sessions. Everyone’s body reacts differently to the treatment. It is normal to need touch ups after the 8 sessions as well.
Depending the area of your body, you will get treatment every 4-8 weeks.
Face 4 weeks
Torso 4 weeks
Legs 6 weeks
If you have regrowth before that time you can call us and possible come in a little bit sooner.
It is best to avoid working out for 12 hours after your laser hair removal appointment.
Everyone has a different pain tolerance but its very minimal. You will feel heat but the water based ultrasound gel we use as a coolant keeps the treatment tolerable and virtually painless. Avoid coffee or any stimulate before your treatment. It can cause more sensitivity.
If you’re wearing deodorant when you come for your treatment we will take it off. You can apply deodorant after your appointment is over as well.
No sun exposure one week before and after on any area you’re getting laser treatment. No medications that cause photosensitivity one week before. Photosensitive medications will say right on the bottle “avoid sun exposure” or “could cause photosensitivity”.

Most acne medications cause photosensitivity.

Accutane is the strongest acne medication and has to be stopped around 6 months before treatment unless otherwise authorized by their Physician. (Must be in writing and on file in our office)

Retin A and hydroquinone are also photosensitive medications. A topical ointment that is applied on the skin can still be absorbed in the blood stream causing the skin to be photosensitive. The patient can/will get hyper/hypo pigmentation.
Great question! There are three different wavelengths of laser. Alexandrite is for light skin, ND Yag is for dark skin, and Diode, our laser, is for all skin types. Our laser does not have the rubber band snap feeling, its the new painless laser everyone is talking about!
Most people will see results 7-21 days after your first appointment. The facial hair grows the fastest so you will see results on the face closer to 7 days. The timing between your treatments is also critical for optimal results, as the laser is only able to treat your hair that is actively growing. Dormant hair follicles will grow new hair in cycles, which will need to be treated as they sprout.
A patient can be treated at 10 years old. It’s best to have their menstrual cycle because of hormones. They will need two rounds of treatments at least.
Hair growth is hormonal. Any hormonal changes will stimulate regrowth or new growth. If you do 6 sessions and start taking Biotin it could stimulate growth. There are a ton of hormones in the food we ate, that could stimulate growth. Stress could change your hormones and stimulate growth as well. There is never a guarantee, everyone’s body is different and nobody knows for sure how your body will react to the laser.
After 6 sessions you might be able to go 4 months without needing a touch up. Everyone’s body reacts differently and it depends how much of a reduction you expect. Some people see 60% reduction after 6 sessions and some people see more.
No sun exposure one week before AND after on any area that you are getting lasered. No tanning beds, self-tan lotions or medications that cause photosensitivity one week before.

No waxing tweezing, epilating, threading or hair removal creams at least 4 weeks before your appointment or between appointments.

Stop taking any multivitamins, Biotin, or Collagen.

Depending on the dosage it could stimulate hair growth and alter your results. You have to completely shave the area you’re getting treated the night before your appointment. If you are prone to razor burn and ingrown hair you can use conditioner when shaving to minimize those reactions.